The Only Way Is Essex Series 1 premiered in 2010, and ran from 10 October to 10 November - with a Christmas Special on 24 December.

Regular SeriesEdit

Overall Series # Episode # Title Airdate Duration UK Viewers (millions)
1 1 Episode 1 (Series 1) 10 October 2010 60 Minutes 1.144
Reality series following a group of people in Essex, including a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers. With each episode filmed just a few days before transmission, they will find out exactly what other people in the show are saying about them as well as discovering secrets that will affect their lives.
2 2 Episode 2 (Series 1) 13 October 2010 30 Minutes 0.896
The fallout from Lauren's party is revealed, Kirk's quest to win the heart of wannabe model Amy continues and club promoter Mark hosts a speed-dating event.
3 3 Episode 3 (Series 1) 17 October 2010 30 Minutes 0.896
Kirk hopes his plan to woo Amy will pay off, while girl group Lola pursue their dream of becoming the next Girls Aloud.
4 4 Episode 4 (Series 1) 20 October 2010 30 Minutes 0.679
Kirk hopes his date with Amy will seal their romance, Mark tries to cope with temptation and jealousy, and Lauren strives for independence.
5 5 Episode 5 (Series 1) 24 October 2010 30 Minutes 0.810[
Lauren tries to get over Mark by indulging in some serious dating, and preparations get underway for Essex Fashion Week. Arg is heartbroken when his ex-girlfriend Lydia tells him there's no future for them.
6 6 Episode 6 (Series 1) 27 October 2010 30 Minutes 1.015
The county hosts its Fashion Week, with Sam, Amy and Jessica striving to claim the title of the most glamorous girl in Essex.
7 7 Episode 7 (Series 1) 31 October 2010 30 Minutes 1.015
It is VIP night at the opening of Mark's new club, and he hopes everything will go smoothly.
8 8 Episode 8 (Series 1) 3 November 30 Minutes 0.835
Mark deals with the aftermath of the VIP night at his club. Plus, a chance to find out what is going on with Amy, Sam, Kirk and Jessica.
9 9 Episode 9 (Series 1) 7 November 30 Minutes 1.009
The gang celebrates Bonfire Night. Sam and Amy plan to add some glamour to the event, Harry dresses up for the occasion and Mark tries to ensure that his evening goes with a bang.
10 10 Episode 10 (Series 1) 10 November 60 Minutes 0.975
Mark's boxing event takes place in Romford and he throws down the gauntlet to Kirk. Lauren and Lucy clash over Mark. Last in the series.

Series SpecialsEdit

Overall Series # Episode # Title Airdate Duration UK Viewers (millions)
11 11 The Only Way Is EsseXmas 24 December 60 Minutes 0.973
Christmas special. Mark splits up with Lucy and tells Lauren he's not ready to be with her, before leaving a Christmas party in a taxi with Sam.